Hebrews 1313 Re-Entry Initiative

The Hebrews 1313 Re-Entry Initiative is the vision of Senior Pastor, Ronald Johnson, and Kingdom Pursuers International Ministries, to help ex-offenders get another chance at a healthy, productive, and successful life; and to reduce recidivism. The foundation of the program is the scripture Hebrews 13:1-3, hence the program name. Which in short directs us, as people, to love each other, show hospitality to strangers, and empathize with those who have been imprisoned and mistreated. The Hebrews 1313 Re-Entry Initiative (HEB1313REI) encompasses all these things.

The 13 core goals of the Program

  1. To show the love of Christ as commanded in Hebrews 13:1-3
  2. To help those who are ex-offenders get reacclimated to society.
  3. To provide a safe space where they can discuss their challenges and provide solutions to these challenges.
  4. To provide them with a different social network outside of what they are used to in order to expose them to a better way of life.
  5. To link ex-offenders to employment opportunities through corporate partners as well as former felons who have successfully started their own business.
  6. To provide life coaching to rekindle relationships with family and children.
  7. To provide case management support that will support them with goals to transition from release to stability.
  8. To provide access to mental health and substance abuse resources to further promote stability.
  9. To provide food and clothing where there is a lack.
  10. To provide information to resources available to them such as obtaining Medicaid as well as their driver’s license.
  11. To provide link to transportation services in order to get to employment, medical, and legal appointments.
  12. To provide community service opportunities in order for ex-offenders to help and serve others as well as to give back to the local community.
  13. To have ex-offenders meet all of their goals, complete the program, and have them return as peer coaches.

Partnering Organizations

  • Kingdom Pursuers International Ministries (KPI) – The hub for HEB1313REI, where group sessions are held and services organized. KPI has a food pantry and clothes closet and provides spiritual, social, and community service outlets for individuals.
  • The Fatherhood Initiative – A program that helps ex-offenders build relationships and bridges with children and family through teaching them the importance of being a father and a man, not just for their direct family but for their community as well.
  • Holistic Therapeutic Services (HTS) – A Community Mental Health and Rehabilitative Services company that works with ex-offenders with Medicaid and a prior history of mental health challenges with skill building services. HTS also offers services for family members of the ex-offenders that have mental health challenges, as well as, substance abuse services.
  • Evans & Associates, LLC – A business partner that provides transportation services as well as job training services for opportunities in landscaping, logistics, marketing, and creative arts.
  • Dawud Nubian – Provides links and community resources for ex-offenders to obtain Medicaid, SSA, their driver’s license, and employment opportunities with several large organizations in the Tri-City area.